Take Control of Your Content

Empowering you to take control of your conference content is what Conference Media is all about. You've spent so much time planning and preparing for your conference; shouldn't you decide on the best use of the content?

Let Conference Media help you:

  • Keep 100% of the revenues generated FROM your content.
  • Keep 100% of the copyrights TO your content.
  • Provide effortless delivery OF your content.

If your organization is ready to add media content to an existing website; we'll give you the files.

If you'd like to skip the work and worry of putting media files on your website; we can host them with a custom online store branded to your organization.

Whether you share it, sell it, offer it as a weekly on-demand webcast or make it part of a resource library for your members; we believe your content belongs to you.

Free For All

If education is your organizations primary mission, you may be more interested in getting information to your members than any revenues that might be generated. Allowing free access to conference content is a great benefit to existing members and can encourage other to consider joining your organization.

Conference Media can help you do such things as repurpose and remarket existing conference material, provide a weekly on-demand webcasts to bring traffic to your web site or offer conference content as an early registration incentive. These are just a few ideas that can improve outreach and education, and build membership.

Enjoy a Worry-free Online Store

You don't need to spend the time and money developing an online store for your organization. Conference Media has already done the work for you. We have created a customized online store (branded to your organization) that will seamlessly connect with your existing web site and give you the flexibility to distribute your educational content any way you'd like. Sell or share discs, downloads or on-demand webcasts; and, if you like, any revenue from sales can go directly to you. You're in control.

Our online store makes the user experience more satisfying because it includes such features as full-text search, session descriptions and easy access to downloadable and on-demand web casts.

Plus, Conference Media will handle any site updates, maintenance and tech support, leaving you free to focus on more important things, like planning your next conference.

View a demonstration of the online store