Dynamic Screen Capture

What is Dynamic Screen Capture?

Dynamic Screen Capture is Conference Media's new and unique process of capturing and synchronizing ALL audio and visual materials used during a presentation including slides, software demonstrations, video clips, web surfing and mouse action - ANYTHING that appears on the projection screen. The audio and visual materials presented are captured simultaneously as they occur to ensure the most up to date version of the materials are used. This eliminates the need for conference personnel to track down and gather potentially outdated versions of the presenter's slides and other pre-conference materials.

Dynamic Screen Capture Basic

This is our most cost effective screen capture product and is the foundation for our screen capture Plus and Premium products. Session visuals that are presented on screen, are captured and synchronized with the session audio as they are being presented. This synchronized audio/visual capture file can then be delivered as a downloadable or streamed file via the internet or delivered on a DVD-ROM.

Available Formats: Downloads, Web Cast/Streamed, DVD-ROM

Dynamic Screen Capture Plus

Our capture Plus product includes all the synchronized audio/visual elements like our Basic screen capture, but incorporates a personal touch. A still photo of the presenter plus a speaker bio, contact information, or text of your choosing are included along side the synchronized session presentation.

Available Formats: Downloads, Web Cast/Streamed, DVD-ROM

Dynamic Screen Capture Premium

This product is the same as our Plus product but includes an actual video of the session in place of the presenter's picture. Synchronized presentation visuals and text are still included.

Available Formats: Downloads, Web Cast/Streamed, DVD-ROM

MP3 Audio

MP3 Audio is a great way to offer complete conference recordings to your audience at a reasonable price. Versatile MP3 Audio files can be used to create ROM discs or as web-casts and downloads. MP3 products will play in computers (both PC and Mac), in home DVD and car CD players that are MP3 compatible, and in portable MP3 disc players. The MP3 files can also be transferred to any personal MP3 device for maximum convenience and portability. When given the choice between the MP3 Audio products and individual Audio CDs, a majority of conference attendees have chosen MP3 Audio.

Available Formats: Downloads, Web Cast/Streamed, DVD-ROM


Video recordings on DVD can be an excellent way to capture and distribute program material rich in activity and visual content. When you know your audience will enjoy seeing a prominent speaker giving a powerful presentation, video is your best option. Conference Media is able to offer DVD Video for your 'must see' content at a price you can afford.

Available Formats: Downloads, Web Cast/Streamed, Video DVDs


Within minutes of placing an order at your organization's customized online store, customers can be listening to or viewing their downloaded session(s). Audio recordings are available in MP3 file format and sessions captured with Dynamic Screen CaptureTM (visual content synchronized with audio) are available in MOV file format. Once the customer has downloaded and saved a session to their computer, they will have access to it until they choose to delete.

On-Demand Webcasts

While they may seem similar, webcasts and downloads are two different methods of delivery, each with distinct pros and cons. The main distinction is that, unlike downloaded sessions (as described above), sessions that are webcast cannot be saved to the viewer's computer giving you better control of your material.


Our CD-ROM and DVD-ROM products now make it possible to put every session recorded or captured at a conference on fewer discs making them more convenient to use. Each disc includes a browser-based (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) interface that's attractive and easy-to-navigate so that end-users can quickly find and play individual sessions. To add value to your disc products, you can also include supplemental content such as Continuing Education information and forms, the Interactive Exhibitor Hall or the Digital Sponsor Gallery.

The MP3 files on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM can be played using a computer media player (PC or Mac), an MP3 compatible DVD player or (for the CD-ROM only) in an MP3 compatible disc players. MP3 files can also be transferred to a portable MP3 device for even more convenience and portability.

Our Multimedia DVD-ROM products contain Flash files of captured content (visuals synchronized with audio) and an embedded Flash player to improve compatibility and eliminate playback issues with no additional software to install.

Your Online Store

Conference Media is ready to meet your organizations e-commerce needs, economically and efficiently. A customized online store that is easy-to-use and rich in features is available now. We've taken the work and worry out of selling or sharing your conference content online because we take care of hosting, maintenance, updates and customer technical support.

Online store features you'll like

  • Your store has been real-world tested and is ready to go
  • Seamlessly connects with a link from your organization's existing site
  • Sales revenues can go directly to your organization
  • Store versatility allows for coupons and specials
  • Your store will be on-demand and download ready

Online store features you'll like

  • Clear, easy navigation
  • Full-text search capability
  • Session descriptions included
  • Quick order fulfillment
  • Easy access to on-demand and downloadable content
  • Professional, courteous technical support
On-site Sales

Most sales typically occur during the conference, when attendee interest and excitement are highest. Conference Media can help you maximize your on-site sales revenues by supplying enthusiastic salespeople that are professional and knowledgeable about what they are selling. Our salespeople understand the rhythm of a conference and will be ready to quickly assist customers when they're ready to buy. Conference Media salespeople are also trained to education new customers about our products and how they work.

Order Fulfillment

If your organization prefers to offer disc products, Conference Media can easily take care of your order fulfillment. From duplication to postage, on-site and/or online sales - your orders will go out quickly and accurately.

Continuing Education Credits

Conference Media's Continuing Education Credits option eliminates unnecessary printed material and increases the efficiency of your organization's certification process. Members will be able to view conference sessions and then easily access CE information and forms included on the conference multimedia disc. If CE material can be found on the Internet, links to websites can also be provided.

Interactive Exhibitor Index

Conference exhibitors already know the value of marketing 'touches.' It's why they pay to be included in the exhibit hall. The Interactive Exhibitor Index provides exhibitors with one more valuable opportunity to reach potential customers by offering company information and links to their web site on the conference multimedia disc. Plus, your members have an industry-specific index that gives them easy access to tools and services that help them in their work.

Digital Sponsor Gallery

Need a meaningful way to thank your conference sponsors? Why not spotlight them in the Digital Sponsor Gallery? The Gallery is an excellent and inexpensive way to add value to a sponsorship by extending access to sponsors' company information and products long after the conference has ended.

Electronic Programs, Proceedings, Handouts

Printed materials are often expensive and resource-intensive to produce, so why not digitize them and put them on a disc? Your members will appreciate having all relevant conference material on convenient, easy-to-use discs and they'll be grateful that they don't have to carry around reams of paper.